Welcome to School of Philosophy East Anglia

A course in Practical Philosophy


Philosophy is the love of wisdom.

Wisdom is the art of living life truly and happily.

Who would not want to possess this art?


The School of Philosophy East Anglia was established in 1976 to make the great philosophical teachings of the world available to everyone.

It is a branch of the Fellowship of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science, an independent educational charity based in London. There are branches throughout the UK and affiliates in many countries worldwide.

The School in East Anglia has regular courses in practical philosophy in Colchester and Norwich.

As with all School locations, the work to prepare the buildings and the tutoring of classes is carried out on a voluntary basis - there are no paid staff, the fees charged are solely to cover the costs of the building and administration.

It is possible to enrol for introductory courses after the term start date - contact us for further details or just come along to the course.


This is what a student in the Norwich branch has written:-

Philosophy is not something I would normally have considered. To me philosophers were ancient bearded Greeks. However, the course title "Happiness" caught my interest as I'm sure, like many of us, "Happiness" is something we all strive for but never feel we quite attain. At the practical philosophy course we learn some very helpful ways to look at life differently. Philosophy is the love of wisdom and the course helps us to take time out of our busy lives , to appreciate the beauty around us.

So come along, with an open mind. You will receive a very warm welcome from Tim and the group, as well as tea and chocolate biscuits at break time. The discussions are always very interesting and everyone has a chance to speak. You will learn skills which help you stay in the moment, appreciate what we have, rather than strive for what we don't. Also, it helps us find a stillness to replace turmoil with inner peace. You will be amazed at the difference it makes, and make some lovely new friends too!